ZSM series vibrating feeder
ZSM series vibrating feeder
ZSM series vibrating feeder
ZSM series vibrating feeder
ZSM series vibrating feeder
ZSM series vibrating feeder
ZSM series vibrating feeder
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ZSW Series vibrating feeder is designed based on principle that spinning of eccentric shaft producing vibrating force. It is preferred device for the fixed and movable project owing to the performance of high feeding capacity、high screen capacity and strong frame.


1.Feeder body and bearing are designed and manufactured to the heavy duty operation requirement. Owing high feeding capacity, impact resistance,wear resistance and high efficiency.
2.Universal joint direct-driver charactered in a normal operation speed between 960 and 980RPM which is with a wider range frequency conversion for various applications.?
3.Isolation of lubrication between gear and bearing.
4.Adopt steel spring support and vibration isolation, smooth operation and start-stop, low noise, long life,can withstand greater impact loads.
5.Adjustable-speed motor is optional which can control the feeding capacity without frequently starting motor.
6.Various feeding screen are available, such as bar feeding,horseshoe feeding, steel with hole feeding, and second screen deck is optional.
Model Max feeding size (mm) Speed (r/min) Capacity (t/h) Power (kw)
ZSW380×95 500 ~800 ~150 11
ZSW420×110 580 ~800 150~280 15
ZSW490×110 580 ~800 150~350 18..5
ZSW600×130 750 ~800 220~560 30
ZSW600×150 600x900x1200 500~800 260~620 ?37
ZSW600×180 700x1050x1400 600~850 400~1000 45
ZSW600×210 800x12900x1600 500~850 550~1250 45
The exciter works as the vibration source of the vibrating feeder which is composed of two eccentric shafts (driving shaft and driven shaft) and gears. The electromotor drives the driving shaft to rotate at high speed, the gear of the driving shaft engages with the driven shaft, and then the two shafts rotate together in the reverse direction that make the trough body ?to move forward the material continuously. When the material moves along the grizzly bar, the material that is smaller than the screen hole will drop down the gap between grizzly bar, thus realizing classifying.
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