PEY series hydraulic jaw crusher
PEY series hydraulic jaw crusher
PEY series hydraulic jaw crusher
PEY series hydraulic jaw crusher
PEY series hydraulic jaw crusher
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PEY series hydraulic jaw crusher function as overload protection. When crush the unbroken material, the load of machine will increase suddenly, the sensor device will direct cylinder to load off, then the cylinder as well as the swing jaw move backward till the unbroken material is discharged. After the discharge, the cylinder pressurizes automatically and the swing jaw resets instantly. It effectively solves the problem of "steel-clutch" of the materials, and is suitable in medium and coarse crushing of metallurgy slag.


1.The crusher can be accordingly set with rated load to do selective crushing for materials containing different compressive strengths.
2.The crushers have quite reliable functions of impact protection and automatic discharging, which effectively resolve the blocking problems for continuous production.
Model Max. input Size(mm) Discharge Opening(mm) Capacity(m3/h) Shaft Rotating Speed (r/min) Power (kw) Outline Size (mm) Weight (Kg)
PEY400×600 340 40-90 10-40 300 45 3000×2674×1700 13200
PEY400×750 300 25-65 20-50 300 30 3000×2500×1650 13500
PEY300×1300 250 20-90 10-65 300 75 3570×2400×1810 18700
PEY500×750 425 50-100 34-55 275 55 4050×2650×2140 19220
PEY600×900 480 75-200 32-120 255 75 4350×2300×2260 23000
PEY750×1060 630 170-300 60-200 250 90 4928×2424×2950 35600
PEY900×1060 720 230-350 180-280 250 110 5428×2424×2950 36700
The uncrushed materials enter into the crushing chamber from the upper feed opening, and then discharged from the lower discharge opening after striking and crushing. Electric motor drives the eccentric shaft to make the swing jaw up and down under the effect of toggle plate and spring.
Hydraulic system is the overload protection device of the machine, which can reduce the loading pressure of the body in order to realize the purpose of protecting the body. The high pressure oil supplied from the hydraulic system enters into oil chamber to push the piston stay in the limit position. The nominal oil pressure of hydraulic system of piston can provide a stable support seat in the normal crushing operation. The piston will transfer the peak load to the hydraulic system when the jaw plate meets some unbroken materials, which will make the oil pressure reach the set value rapidly, or more, and the pressure transmitter send signal, open the routine between oil cylinder and oil tank. As a result, the bear chamber oil tank release, and the swing jaw open discharge opening under the function of spring to discharge hard crushed materials, that is “iron passing”. After troubleshooting, block the loop between oil tank and oil cylinder, and then the oil pressure push the swing jaw reset to the set open size to make the machine into the normal operation.
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