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ATM Series High Pressure Roll Mill is our new designed with excellent adaptation, high efficient fine crushing and ultrafine crushing and grinding equipment. ?It adopts pre-set crushing pressure and uses hydraulic cylinder which matches with energy accumulator to push the two opposite direction running crusher rolls. This design can keep pressure stable during the whole crushing process, so as to achieve high pressure crush between the two rolls. Widely applied to Construction, mining, metallurgy and other fields in fine crushing, our equipment can produce various specifications fine granule products. Also, our equipment can be available for various metallurgical slag fine grinding, the treating process is simplified and the end slag is finer so as to make the follow-up grinding process more convenient.
1. Adopting high pressure crushing theories to material so as to achieve higher crushing efficiency, higher crushing ratio and wider adaptation.
2. Automatic adjusting roll surface interval to keep the set crushing force stable, product shape better and granule finer.
3. High wear-resistant alloy and mosaic roll surface liner structure to ensure long lifetime and without dismantling replacement.
4. Equipped with reliable performance hydraulic control system to protect the equipment from iron and overload.
5. The working pressure and rotation speed can be adjusted rapidly according to different working conditions.
6. Constant and nonimpact crushing force to material from the crusher rolls can achieve low noise and less dust.
Model Grinding Roller Motor Reduction Gears Maximum Pressure Roller? Rotation Speed Feed Particle Size Dealing Capacity
Diameter Width Power Pole Type Speed Ratio Rock Mineral
ATM800/500 800mm 500 mm 2*110kw 4p Planetary Gear 49.505 4MPa 18MPa 30.1rpm -32mm 70-120 t/h
ATM1000/625 1000mm 625 mm 2*250kw 4p Planetary Gear 57.742 4MPa 18MPa 25.8rpm -32mm 120-250t/h
There is a wedge-shaped device or gasket adjustment device between the two rolls and on the top of the wedge-shaped device placed an adjusting bolt. When the adjusting bolt pulls up the wedge, the wedge will move the movable roll from the fixed roll, so the gap between the two rolls become large, and the discharging granularity will get big. When the wedge goes down, under the effect of pressure spring, the gap between them become small and the discharging granularity will get small. The gasket device adjusts the granularity of discharging material by increasing or decreasing the number or thickness of the gasket. When the gasket number increases, the gap between the two rolls become large and the discharging granularity will get big. When the gasket number decreases, the gap between the two rolls become small and the discharging granularity will get small.
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